OISO – An ANR project

The ANR project OISO (OxIde-based SpinOrbitronics) explores the potential of transition metal oxide (TMO) perovskites for SpinOrbitronics. SpinOrbitronics exploits the spin-orbit coupling (SOC) to obtain spin currents without ferromagnets (FM), more efficient torques to switch magnetization and reduced heat dissipation for low power scalable devices. TMO constitute a material platform of structurally well-matched compounds including FMs with low damping coefficients for long-lasting magnetization coherence, materials with large SOC for spin-charge interconversion, compounds for low power data manipulation. To show the potential of TMO-SpinOrbitronics, we will define and test reconfigurable magnonic circuits combining low damping FMs and ferroelectrics or SOC materials to tune spin wave attenuation. They will be used to design an active phase shifter and a spin wave interferometer for RF electronics and future magnonic logics. The project starts in fall 2017, for a duration of 42 months.

Local contact at SPINTEC

Laurent VILA



  • Unité Mixte CNRS/Thales (Palaiseau, coordinator)
  • Spintec (Grenoble)
  • LPS (Orsay)
  • Thales (Palaiseau)


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