Paul NOËL receives a PhD award from University Grenoble Alpes

Paul Noël has been awarded one out of the 9 awards of the University Grenoble Alpes, for PhDs defended in 2019. Paul Noël conducted his PhD work at SPINTEC, under the co-supervision of Jean-Philippe Attané and Laurent Vila, in the Spinorbitronics team. Part of the work has been conducted in collaboration with UMPhy CNRS/Thales.

The PhD work focused on a detailed study of spin/charge conversion in several systems, including at the interface between oxide and topological insulators. This work is an innovative topic at the crossroads of fundamental physics and new concepts and technologies for storing information in magnetic memories. It requires a fine mastery of the most advanced techniques of magnetism but also those of nanofabrication for the elaboration of samples.

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