Post-doctoral position – Spintorque nano-oscillators for smart communication and unconventional computing systems

SPINTEC has currently several postdoc positions open to work on spintransfer-torque nano-oscillators based on magnetic tunnel junctions. Spintorque driven excitations within magnetic tunnel junctions show a large range of interesting, non-linear dynamic effects that are promising for low power implementations within wireless communication or unconventional computing systems. The different projects address at the same time fundamental aspects on the spintorque driven magnetization dynamics as well as the tailoring of these dynamic properties to selected target applications. Coupling of several devices will be amongst others a central aspect.

Interested candidates should bring strong expertise in device nanofabrication as well as expertise in microwave measurement techniques, spin polarized transport and/or magnetization dynamics. The work will be carried out within the RF Spintronics team of SPINTEC, in collaboration with the AI, Theory and clean room teams. Please send a CV and a letter of motivation to

For full consideration, please apply by 17th July 2023.

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