Recruiting a 24 month Fixed Term R&D Engineer on developing magnetic materials and stacks for Spintronics

SPINTEC opens a R&D Engineer position for developing magnetic multilayer stacks on a new fully automated ultra-high vacuum sputtering tool for 100 mm wafers, developed in-house. The work will be carried out within the “Materials” team and in a close collaboration with researchers, PhDs and postdoctoral fellows.


    The mission will consist in:

  • discussing with the researchers about their needs on materials development,
  • depositing multi-layered stacks and perform basic characterisations (Vibrating Sample Magnetometry, Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect, Atomic Force Microscopy, X Ray Reflectometry…),
  • discussing on the obtained results and properties,
  • iterate on the stack composition and deposition parameters to obtain the sought-after characteristics,
  • improving the setup (e.g. simplify maintenance operations, tweak the user interface, introduce new functionalities, …).

    The candidate should have a strong background in research on material science and, in particular, knowledge of:

  • magnetic materials engineering,
  • thin-film magnetic phenomena,
  • magnetron sputtering deposition technique,
  • vacuum phenomena,
  • reading, writing and speaking of English: at least B2 CEFR level
  • programming in Python language.
    The required skills are:

  • handling of materials and samples with cleanliness and purity constrains,
  • analysis and interpretation of physical characterization results,
  • reading and writing reports and articles, oral presentation of results,
  • team working and ability to communicate in a diversely skilled laboratory.

More details here.

How to apply: Interested candidates must send their CV and motivation letter to and

Starting date: available now

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