Tocha for Dissipationless topological channels for information transfer and quantum metrology, is a Research and Innovation Action FETPROACTIVE project funded by the European Commission. The goal of TOCHA, a five years project head by Sergio O. Valenzuela from ICN2, Barcelona, and for which Spintec is partner, is to develop the next generation of topological devices and architectures across which information can flow without losses. This conceptually simple yet technologically and fundamentally challenging requirement is crucial for the development of technologies in fields ranging from information processing to quantum communication and metrology. TOCHA will harness topological protection in novel materials and nanoscopic structures to empower electrons, phonons and photons to flow with little or no dissipation and, ultimately, crosslink them within a hybrid platform. This will entail the design of novel topological photonic/phononic waveguides and the engineering of disruptive heterostructures elaborated from the combination of topological insulators and ferromagnetic materials.


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