The laboratory is constantly seeking undergraduates and summer students with high potential and a taste for research at the frontier between fundamental physics and technology. Individuals with cutting edge scientific skills, strong motivation, the taste for teamwork and a good sense of humor are welcome.

We are happy to be contacted any time if you are a student and wish to join (either through the lab directors or directly to a permanent staff involved in the research projects).

Nevertheless, many students join us at the Master-2 level, from March to June or July being typical for French Universities. For this purpose, every Fall we gather a list of topics for internships proposed by the researchers of all team, available end of September. Besides, a lab visit is organized under the umbrella of our host Institute INAC. In 2016 this visit will take place on 25th October.

Please be aware that SPINTEC is located within a CEA restricted area, which can imply a couple of months of delay between application for access and entering the site. Thus, please contact us well in advance if you are interested to work with us.


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