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Magnetic Random Access Memories

B. Dieny, R.C. Sousa, J.P. Nozières, O. Redon, I.L. Prejbeanu, Magnetic Random Access Memories (Ch.28), in Nanoelectronic and Information Technology, R. Waser Ed., Wiley-VCH (2011). ISBN: 978-3-527-40927-3. Spinelectronics is a rapidly expanding area of research and development which merges magnetism and electronics (See Chapter 4 for insights on the related basics). Since the discovery of […]

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A. Manchon, N. Ryzhanova, M. Chshiev, A. Vedyaev, K.J. Lee, B. Dieny, Spin transfer torques in magnetic tunnel junctions, 63-106, in Giant Magnetoresistance: New Research, Eds: A. D. Torres and D. A. Perez, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. (2009). ISBN: 978-161324951-2, 978-160456733-5 Abstract This chapter presents a review on spin transfer torque in magnetic tunnel junctions. […]

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B. Diény, Magnetic thin films and multilayers, 255-304, Ch.20, in Magnetism, Springer (2002). DOI: 10.1007/978-0-387-23063-4_6 Abstract Progress in high vacuum and ultra high vacuum material preparation techniques now allow the preparation of artificial structures consisting of ultra thin films of magnetic materials, as well as multilayer systems containing stacks of different materials, some of which […]

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