Four years engineer researcher position

Spintec laboratory is opening a four years engineer researcher position in the framework of the PEPR electronics (part of France 2030 strategy) – project EMCOM (emerging memories for computing).

The cost of transferring information between different layers of storage and computing units now dominates the energy performance of conventional processors. This has created a pressing need for breakthrough inno-vations in architecture and electronic components that enable the merging of computing and memory func-tions, such as in-memory and bio-inspired computing concepts.
To address these challenges, the EMCOM project aims to explore emerging magnetic memory solutions (MRAM). However, the current commercialized generation of magnetic memories (STT-MRAM) characteristics are insufficient to meet the endurance and speed requirements associated with these new paradigms.
Therefore, EMCOM project focuses on developing alternative MRAM architectures based on spin-orbit tor-ques (SOT) or optical writing, which allow for the decoupling of writing and reading processes, resolving speed and endurance limitations. This position will focus particularly on developing spin-orbit torque (SOT) based devices coupled to additional phenomena, such as VCMA or STT effects, to address existing barriers of the new digital needs.

What you will do:

  • Material development for SOT-MTJ stacks, and performing magnetic characterization to meet con-cept/application specification targets
  • Nanofabrication of optimized stacks into scaled single-cell SOT-MTJ devices containing one or more pillars. The fabrication will take place in our academic clean room facilities (PTA).
  • Electrical characterization of produced devices using a prober that is dedicated for the study of SOT-MTJ cells.
  • The position:
    We are offering a up-to 48 months engineer position in Spintec MRAM team, with an expected start date around September 2023. As part of the MRAM team, you will work in collaboration with the Materi-als/Nanofabrication and Artificial Intelligence teams.
    We are looking for candidates with background knowledge in magnetism and spintronics, as well as previous experience in nanofabrication and MRAM characterization.

    Candidates should send a CV and a letter of motivation to Kevin Garello (

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