Review – The Magnetic Genome of Two-Dimensional van der Waals Materials

Q. H. Wang✉, A. Bedoya-Pinto, M. Blei, A. H. Dismukes, A. Hamo, S. Jenkins, M. Koperski, Y. Liu, Q.-Ch. Sun, E. J. Telford, H. H. Kim, M. Augustin, U. Vool, J.-X. Yin, L. H. Li, A. Falin, C. R. Dean, F. Casanova, R. F. L. Evans, M. Chshiev, A. Mishchenko, C. Petrovic, R. He, L. Zhao, A. W. Tsen, B. D. Gerardot, M. Brotons-Gisbert, Z. Guguchia, X. Roy, S. Tongay, Z. Wang, M. Z. Hasan, J. Wrachtrup, A. Yacoby, A. Fert, S. Parkin, K. S. Novoselov, P. Dai, L. Balicas, E. J. G. Santos✉, ACS Nano 16, 6960 (2022).


In this comprehensive review, a genome of current knowledge and a guideline for future developments in 2D magnetic materials research are provided.

Magnetism in two-dimensional (2D) van der Waals (vdW) materials has recently emerged as one of the most promising areas in condensed matter research, with many exciting emerging properties and significant potential for applications ranging from topological magnonics to low-power spintronics, quantum computing, and optical communications. In the brief time after their discovery, 2D magnets have blossomed into a rich area for investigation, where fundamental concepts in magnetism are challenged by the behavior of spins that can develop at the single layer limit. However, much effort is still needed in multiple fronts before 2D magnets can be routinely used for practical implementations. In this comprehensive review, prominent authors with expertise in complementary fields of 2D magnetism (i.e., synthesis, device engineering, magneto-optics, imaging, transport, mechanics, spin excitations, and theory and simulations) have joined together to provide a genome of current knowledge and a guideline for future developments in 2D magnetic materials research.

Team: Theory and Simulation
Contacts at SPINTEC: Mairbek CHSHIEV
Available from: ACS Publications, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.1c09150.

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