Seminar : Spintronics with Ferroelectrics

On June 27 at 11h Prof. Evgeny Tsymbal from University of Nebraska will give a talk entitled “Spintronics with Ferroelectrics”

Place : l’amphithéâtre Laurent Puech (2-D-004) in GreEN-ER building

“Spintronics with Ferroelectrics”

Ferroelectric materials are characterized by a spontaneous electric polarization switchable by an applied electric field. If such a ferroelectric is interfaced with another material, it modifies the electronic properties of this material due to the polarization-induced field effect. For thin-film ferromagnets, the field effect may be sizable, involving not only electronic but also spin degrees of freedom. Thus, ferroelectric materials may be employed in spintronics to control the spin-dependent properties including the interface magnetization, the interface magnetic order, the interface magnetic anisotropy, and the spin-dependent transmission across the interface. In addition, ferroelectric materials with a large spin-orbit coupling can produce non-trivial spin configurations, due the bulk Rashba and Dresselhaus effects, leading to new spin-dependent phenomena. This talk will overview our recent research efforts in this field and discuss underlying physical principles associated with the interplay between ferroelectricity and spin.

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