Three years engineer researcher position

Spintec laboratory is opening a up-to three years engineer researcher position in the framework of the PEPR electronics (part of France 2030 strategy) – project EMCOM (emerging memories for computing).

The cost of transferring information between different layers of storage and computing units now domi-nates the energy performance of conventional processors. This has created a pressing need for break-through innovations in architecture and electronic components that enable the merging of computing and memory functions, such as in-memory and bio-inspired computing concepts.
To address these challenges, the EMCOM project aims to explore emerging magnetic memory solutions (MRAM). However, the current commercialized generation of magnetic memories (STT-MRAM) charac-teristics are insufficient to meet the endurance and speed requirements associated with these new par-adigms.
Therefore, EMCOM project focuses on developing alternative MRAM architectures based on spin-orbit torques (SOT) or optical writing, which allow for the decoupling of writing and reading processes, resolv-ing speed and endurance limitations. This position will focus particularly on developing spin-orbit torque (SOT) based devices coupled to additional phenomena, such as VCMA or STT effects, to address existing barriers of the new digital needs.

What you will do:

  • Material development for SOT-MTJ stacks, and performing magnetic characterization to meet concept/application specification targets
  • Nanofabrication of optimized stacks into scaled single-cell SOT-MTJ devices containing one or more pillars. The fabrication will take place in our academic clean room facilities (PTA).
  • Electrical characterization of produced devices using a prober that is dedicated for the study of SOT-MTJ cells.
  • The position:
    We are offering a up-to 36 months engineer position in Spintec MRAM team, with an start date as soon as possible. As part of the MRAM team, you will work in collaboration with the Materials/Nanofabrication and Artificial Intelligence teams.
    We are looking for candidates with preferably experience in nanofabrication and MRAM characterization, and if possible with background knowledge in magnetism and spintronics.

    Candidates should send a CV and a letter of motivation to Kevin Garello (

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