Antiferromagnetic materials could represent the future of spintronics thanks to the interesting features they combine: they are robust against perturbation due to magnetic fields, produce no stray fields, display ultrafast dynamics and generate large magneto-transport effects. In this team, research efforts are being invested in unraveling spin-dependent transport properties of antiferromagnets.

Research topics

Spin transport in antiferromagnetic materials


Whether spin currents can be injected, transmitted and converted in antiferromagnetic materials, how subsequent variations can be detected, and what is the actual influence of the magnetic order are some of the thrilling challenges being addressed.
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Magnetism of antiferromagnetic materials


To what extent and how the magnetic properties of antiferromagnetic materials shall and can be adjusted for use as functional materials in spintronic applications are some of the questions addressed in this activity.
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The team

Permanent staff


  • Olga Gladii, 2017-2019
  • Guillaume Forestier, 2016-2018


  • Lamprini Frangou, 2014-2017
  • Pablo Merodio in collaboration with the theory group, 2011-2014
  • Kamil Akmaldinov, 2011-2015


  • Jolan Barbançon, 2016
  • Lamprini Frangou, 2014
  • Nicolas Mante, 2011
  • Safeer Chenattukuzhniyil aka. C. K. Safeer, 2011
  • Marthe Chamfrault, 2010


  • CRG KAUST / SPINTEC / UTEXAS, 2016-2019
  • ASTRONICS, ANR JCJC, 2015-2018
  • CROCUS Technology, 2012-2015


  • Laboratoire INAC/SYMMES/RICC, S. Gambarelli, Grenoble, France
  • Laboratoire de physique des solides, A. Mougin, Orsay, France
  • Laboratoire de magnétisme de Bretagne, D. Spenato, Brest, France
  • King Abdullah University of science and technology, A. Manchon, Thuwal, Saoudi Arabia
  • Groupe de physique des matériaux, L. Lechevallier and D. Ledue, Rouen, France
  • CROCUS Technology, Grenoble, France

    Recent news

  • Seminar : Ultrafast Magnetization Manipulation in Multisublattice Magnets (November 27th, 2017)
    On December 4,  we have the pleasure to welcome Marwan Deb from Université de Lorraine, France. At 11H, he will give a seminar on “Ultrafast Magnetization Manipulation in Multisublattice Magnets” in room 434A. Femtomagnetism is a relatively ...
  • Review – Antiferromagnetic spintronics (November 09th, 2017)
    V. Baltz, A. Manchon, M. Tsoi, T. Moriyama, T. Ono, and Y. Tserkovnyak, Rev. Mod. Phys. in press (2017), also arXiv:1606.04284 and hal-01568760. Antiferromagnetic materials could represent the future of spintronic applications thanks to the numerous interesting features ...
  • PhD thesis defense : Spin injection, transmission and detection in antiferromagnets (October 31st, 2017)
    On Tuesday, the 14th Of November 2017 at 13h30, Lamprini FRANGOU from DRF/INAC/SPINTEC, will defend her PhD thesis entitled “Spin injection, transmission and detection in antiferromagnets” Place : Minatec, 3 parvis Louis Néel Grenoble, amphitheater Palladium ...
  • Proposals for student internships for Spring 2018 (October 03rd, 2017)
    You find here the list of proposals for Master-2 internships to take place during Spring 2018. In most cases, these internships are intended to be suitable for a longer-term PhD work. Interested Master-1 students are ...
  • A fluctuating magnetic order allows more spins to pass through an interface (February 26th, 2016)
    Bringing a ferromagnetic layer to resonance creates non-equilibrium magnetization dynamics which generates a spin current. The spin current propagates from the ferromagnet into a neighboring layer if permitted by the interface. This is equivalent to ...

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