[POSITION FILLED] PhD grant: exploring new designs addressing fabrication and read/write bottlenecks of Perpendicular-Shape-Anisotropy MRAM

The objective of the PhD project is to explore disruptive fabrication routes, cell and material designs to lift the two bottlenecks, related to fabrication and efficiency of the write operation with a spin-polarized current. While the motivation and objective is to give a real application potential to the proof of concept achieved so far, the means to do so requires to address a number of issues pertaining to fundamental spintronics and materials science, and pushing further the knowledge of the micromagnetics and spintronics of extreme nanosized elements.
Practical work will consist in handling simulation micromagnetics to refine the design proposed for the memory cells, the experimental development of the steps required for their fabrication (thin film and patterning steps), the nanomagnetic and electric testing of individual nanomagnets and memory cells, up to read-write proof of concept. SPINTEC provides a readily available environment to conduct the work, ranging from micromagnetic codes and computing farms, state-of-the-art thin film and clean room facilities, and a series of advanced magnetic microscopy techniques and electric testing tools. The work will also benefit from the collaboration with other laboratories for specific steps: Institut Néel and CEA-LETI in Grenoble, and Institut Jean Lamour in Nancy (France).
The expected profile for the applicants is a Master-2 degree in a field related to condensed-matter physics, nanophysics or engineering, a clear taste for experiments and teamwork.
More details here.

Contacts: Olivier Fruchart and Lucian Prejbeanu
Deadline: 1st June 2023. The position can be closed before this date if a suitable candidate is identified
Starting date: 1st October 2023

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