We are interested in novel spin textures, especially those occurring in three-dimensional (3D) magnetic objects. Curvature, domain walls, 3D spin and space, topology are some of our daily words at work.  We design and fabricate devices, image their spin textures and influence these with spin-polarized currents or externally applied magnetic fields. The applied background includes the proposed concept of 3D race-track memory. This research topic is driven in close collaboration with colleagues in the Theory group, PFNC at Minatec, Institut Néel, and expert chemist groups in Germany and Spain.

Research topics

Spin textures by models

We investigate the existence, energetics and dynamics of 3D spin textures under magnetic field and spin-polarized current by using and developing our home-made feeLLGood micromagnetic code, combined with analytical modeling.

Spin textures by experiments

From nanowires to multilayered nanotubes, we observe samples compliant for spintronic devices. Probing the strength of a spin texture’s topological protection against transformation or annihilation is a major goal. We also contribute to the development of 3D MRAM (MRAM team).

Material research

We design and synthesize samples to stabilize 3D spin textures using bottom-up chemical synthesis (anodization, electroplating, electroless deposition, atomic layer deposition). We further use lithography/FIB for electrical contacting and design specific sample supports for original in-situ experiments.

Magnetic imaging

Magnetic imaging of 3D spin textures requires high spatial resolution (nanoscale) as well as bulk/surface and multi-component sensitivity. We are developing expertise in electron-, X-ray & near-field probes, both in the lab and at external facilities, including development of instruments and image data treatment.

The team

Former members


  • Sylvain MARTIN (2016-2018)


  • Michal STANO (2015-2018), Joint with Institut NEEL.
  • Beatrix TRAPP (2015-2018). Joint with Institut NEEL.
  • Alexis WARTELLE (2013-2017). Joint with Institut NEEL.


  • Ondrej NOVOTNI (2020)
  • Zied BELKHIRI (2020)
  • Hoel ROBERT (2018). Joint with INAC/MEM.


  • M3d, FP7 (2012-2016).
  • MILF, ANR (2019-2022).
  • C3DS, ANR-DFG (2019-2022).


Recent news

  • Aurélien Masseboeuf joins SPINTEC (September 13th, 2019)Aurélien Masseboeuf joins SPINTEC
    Aurélien Masseboeuf is a recognized expert in transmission electron microscopy techniques applied to magnetic microscopy. Following a PhD and post-doc period in Grenoble, he further developed his expertise and carrier during ten years as CNRS ...
  • MILF – An ANR project (September 13th, 2019)MILF - An ANR project
    MILF stands for Magnetic Imaging at Low dimensions & high Frequencies. It is a 36-month-long early-carrier ANR project. Magnetic events such as domain reversal, domain wall propagation and vortex oscillations are fast processes, broad source ...
  • Olivier Fruchart becomes Vice-President of the European Magnetism Association (August 29th, 2019)Olivier Fruchart becomes Vice-President of the European Magnetism Association
    Olivier Fruchart, Deputy Director of Spintec, has been elected Vice-President of the European Magnetism Association for a three-year mandate, alongside Burkard Hillebrands from Kaiserslautern, elected President. The purpose of the European Magnetism Association (EMA) is ...
  • Modeling magnetic-field-induced domain wall propagation in modulated-diameter cylindrical nanowires (August 27th, 2019)Modeling magnetic-field-induced domain wall propagation in modulated-diameter cylindrical nanowires
    Domain wall propagation in modulated-diameter cylindrical nanowires is a key phenomenon to be studied with a view to designing three-dimensional magnetic memory devices. In this framework, we quantified theoretically the driving force needed for ...
  • Seminar – Brownian computing using skyrmions (June 13th, 2019)Seminar - Brownian computing using skyrmions
    On Friday July 12 at 11:00 we have the pleasure to welcome Prof. Yoshishige SUZUKI from Osaka University. He will give us a seminar at CEA/IRIG, Bat 1005, room 445 entitled : Brownian computing using skyrmions We ...


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