PEPR SPIN – Priority Programs and Equipment for Exploratory Research

France is investing more than 38M€ in Spintronics thanks to the PEPR-SPIN exploratory program!

SPIN is among the 13 new exploratory programs winners of the second wave of calls for projects Priority Programs and Equipment for Exploratory Research (PEPR). Funded by France 2030, this action (€1 billion) aims to launch research programs in emerging scientific or technological sectors, proposed by the scientific communities, and for which France wishes to identify and structure ecosystems in order to be able to identify whether these themes will be new priorities for France both upstream and downstream. The PEPR-SPIN project will be coordinated by CNRS and CEA in conjunction with a large consortium of French universities, as Université Grenoble Alpes, Université Paris-Saclay and Université de Lorraine. This broad initiative aims to stimulate the pioneering French spintronics community (SPINTEC, UMR CNRS-Thales, Institut Jean Lamour (IJL)…) , which is of international renown, having made major and fundamental advances in this rapidly developing field. Indeed it has built a flourishing ecosystem, which has given rise to numerous start-ups that have relied on various advances in spintronics, from materials engineering to advanced instrumentation.

France 2030 : 600 millions d’euros pour 13 nouveaux programmes de recherche
Le CNRS, copilote des 13 nouveaux Programmes et équipements prioritaires de recherche (PEPR) exploratoires

The growth of the digital world has had an alarming impact on the environment and can no longer be ignored. Recent projections estimate that by 2030 this impact will amount to around 20 – 30% of the global electricity consumption. It is increasingly obvious that a paradigm shift is required to address such issues and reassess our priorities. Furthermore, the growing requirements in terms of quantity and performance (computational power and speed as well as miniaturization) exacerbate these issues. Game changing solutions are urgently required to meet these demands and reduce our environmental impact with high-performance and energy efficient devices. In this context, spintronics has already revolutionized the data storage and sensor industries and today offers a plethora of perspectives for the development of new devices providing high performance coupled with low energy consumption. Further beneficial aspects of spintronics are emerging with promising innovations and breakthroughs. These will preserve the unique characteristics of spintronics in terms of energy efficiency, non-volatility, integrability and radiation resistance, while further offering new functionalities at the frontier with other fields of physics and engineering. PEPR-SPIN (Spintronic innovations for energy efficient, agile and sustainable digital applications) aims to trigger a new generation of devices through emerging and promising topics. In this context, spintronics has the ability to generate intellectual property while also stimulating an industrial revival in a large number of sectors with major societal impact.

SPINTEC will have a key role in the project, by participating namely in the overall coordination of the programme (Lucian Prejbeanu is program co-director together with Vincent Cros from CNRS-Thales lab), in the main targeted projects (beyond CMOS, THz spintronics, RF oscillators for IoT and artificial intelligence applications, smart sensing), in the transverse projects on materials, advanced instrumentation and theory.

Contact: Lucian Prejbeanu

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