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Spintec invites application for a phd thesis position in spintronics on magnetic skyrmions. Magnetic skyrmions are nm scale topological spin texture that hold great promise for storing and manipulating the information at the nanoscale. Spintec recently demonstrated magnetic skyrmions at room temperature in ultrathin nanostructures [1] as well as their manipulation using electric field [2,3] […]

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Topic Classical microelectronics is reaching its limits of downward scalability, reaching technological or scientific bottlenecks. Magnetic random access memories, based on magnetic tunnel junctions storing and reading bits of information, are emerging key ICT components. They are of immediate relevance for low-power and high-speed processor and mass-storage cache memory. Similar to other technologies, ways are […]

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THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED Keywords: 3D spintronics, magnetic nanotube, magnetic domain wall, curvature, electron holography, magnetic imaging, core-shell Topic Three-dimensional spintronics is a fast emerging topic [1]. On the fundamental side this opens pathways for novel spin configurations and magnetization dynamics, owing to the possibility of three-dimensional spin textures in nanowires and nanotubes [2], […]

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