Magnetic sensors

Thematic overview

Spintec was originally heavily involved in read heads for disk drive, yet this activity all but vanished due to the strong consolidation of the industry, now with only two players with strong internal R&D capabilities. The technologies used consumer applications sensors remain relatively simple and the industry is extremely conservative, which limits the potential for innovation to niche markets and/or to solutions embedding multiple functions (e.g. lately 9-axes MEMS devices combining an accelerometer, a gyroscope and a magnetic sensor).

Spintec has recently decided to rejuvenate an activity on sensors by pursuing different concepts:

  • A monolithic 3-D positioning sensor
    • with the promised benefits of a cheap(er) manufacturing process and a simplified driving electronics. This sensor is to be deployed in consumer applications (e.g. cell phones).


  • A high sensitivity / low noise magnetic field sensors
    • combining a technology patented by Université d’Orléans and Spintec’s STT-driven noise reduction scheme. This sensor is to be first deployed in spatial environments, and could later be extended to health monitoring applications.
  • MLU based magnetic sensors


  • Université Orleans (France)
  • Crocus R&D – MLU Magnetic sensors



  • Claire Baraduc,
  • Hélène Béa,
  • Philippe Sabon,
  • Lucian Prejbeanu


  • Amandine Bocheux

PhD students

  • Myckael Mouchel,
  • Titiksha Srivastava

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