SpinSpike – An ANR project

SpinSpike stands for Spintronic Spiking Neurons.
It is a 42-month-long ANR project (2021/2024).
Spintronics has recently shown its promise for neuromorphic computing, but is lacking an essential ingredient of biological neural networks: spiking neurons. In this context, the objective of SpinSpike project is to explore novel approaches of spiking neurons using magnetic tunnel junctions. Building on results from modelling and nanofabrication, SpinSpike will experimentally demonstrate spiking dynamics in magnetic tunnel junctions as well as their functionality for spiking neural networks through the propagation of spikes between junctions. It will propose spiking neural network algorithms matching the obtained dynamics. It is an interdisciplinary project whose goal is to develop materials and novel devices towards energy-efficient computing hardware systems for Edge Artificial Intelligence. Bringing together expertise spanning from fabrication and physics to algorithms and industrial applications, SpinSpike will set the foundations for a French process line for spintronic neuromorphic computing. Spintec is more specifically in charge of device nanofabrication, their electric/ RF characterization and modelling.

Local contact at SPINTEC
Liliana Buda-Prejbeanu (coordinator)
Ursula Ebels
Ricardo Sousa

Julie Grollier, Unité mixte de physique CNRS-Thales https://www.cnrs-thales.fr/
Alice Mizrahi, Thales TRT https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/global/innovation/research-and-technology


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