UFO – An ANR project

UFO stands for UltraFast Opto-magneto-spintronics for Futur Nanotechnologies.
UltraFast Opto-magneto-spintronics is an emerging field of research that combines the ideas and concepts of magneto-optics and opto-magnetism with spin transport phenomena, supplemented with the possibilities offered by photonics for ultrafast low-dissipative manipulation and transport of information. Both light and spin currents can control magnetic order, though the mechanisms as well as the corresponding time scales and energy dissipations differ. The UFO project aims at combining the best of both worlds, combining short time scales and non-dissipative propagation of light pulses with nanoscale selectivity and strong interactions with spin currents, to create novel concepts for memory technology as sketch in figure 1. The ultimate goals are the creation and implementation of non-volatile, low-dissipative, and ultrafast functional memory or logic elements. To reach these goals, UFO aims to coordinate and steer efforts from the communities of ultrafast magnetism, magneto-transport and material simulation.

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Local contact at SPINTEC

Lucian Prejbeanu
Liliana Buda-Prejbeanu
Ricardo Sousa

Institut Jean Lamour – IJL (S. Mangin)
Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie Théoriques (LPCT – S. Lebègue)


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