List of projects

The list of major academic projects involving the lab is listed on this page since 2016.

    ANR projects (French national funding agency)

  • ELECSPIN – An ANR project (July 29th, 2016)
    Objectives ELECSPIN project has just been accepted at the 2016 ANR call. This collaborative research project aims to investigate the advanced concept of radically new nanoelectronics devices based on the electric-field control of spin-based phenomena and establish proof of principle ...

    European projects

  • Nanoviber – An ERA-NET project at SPINTEC (November 26th, 2016)
    Overview NANOVIBER (EURONANOMED-II ERA-NET project) was accepted at the Fall 2016. Context: Despite the progress of chemo-radiotherapy, molecular and cellular therapies as well as neurosurgery, glioblastoma remains a deadliness disease. Beside drugs, radiotherapy and surgery, “physical” therapies are ...
  • GREAT – A H2020 FET project at SPINTEC (June 30th, 2016)
    Overview GREAT (European H2020 project) was accepted at the Summer 2015. Its kick-off meeting took place at SPINTEC in Grenoble on February 22nd-23rd 2016. The project aims at developing magnetic stacks able to equally perform memory, radio-frequency ...
  • SPICE – An H2020 FET project at SPINTEC (May 19th, 2016)
    A new research project has been accepted at the last FET H2020 call. The objective of SPICE is to realize a novel integration platform that combines photonic, magnetic and electronic components. Its validity will be shown ...

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