Masters thesis projects for Spring 2019

You find here the list of proposals for Master-2 internships to take place during Spring 2019. In most cases, these internships are intended to be suitable for a longer-term PhD work. Interested Master-1 students are also encouraged to apply.

You may either download the full list of proposals, along with an introduction to the SPINTEC lab. You may also view directly one of the proposals, from the list below. A lab presentation and visit is organized on Thursday 18th October, 14:00 – 17:00. Practical information is available in this flyer.


MRAM memories

1-Magnetic memory optimized for ultra-low power consumption
2-Exploring the scalability of spintronics for 3D devices
3-All-optical switching in spintronic devices

Magnetic sensors

4-Miniature and ultra-sensitive magnetic sensor for space applications

Magnetization dynamics and microwave devices

5-Spintronic oscillator networks : taming a non-linear dynamical system of coupled non-isochronous and distributed oscillators
6-Long-range dynamic interaction between insulating ferromagnetic films mediated by phonons

2D Spintronics and spinorbitronics

7-Study of magnetic skyrmion properties for spintronics applications
8-Magnetic skyrmion in ultrathin nanostructures
9-Importance of chiral phenomena for domain wall shift registers
10-Enhancing Spin Orbit torques for magnetic memory applications

Spin textures

11-Spin-Hall effect in chemically-grown metal/ferromagnetic bilayers

Health and biology

12-3D spheroids for the study of magneto-mechanical cancer cells destruction

Theory and simulation

13-Theoretical studies of spin-orbit phenomena at interfaces comprising magnetic and nonmagnetic materials in a view of memory devices
14-Atomistic modeling of all-optical switchable magnetic materials

Spintronic IC design

15-Modeling and design of hybrid CMOS/magnetic circuits based on newly discovered spintronics phenomena
16-System-level simulation and design space exploration of non-volatile neuromorphic architectures

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