Microwave oscillations of the magnetization around its equilibrium are the natural dynamical response to external perturbations (e.g. thermal fluctuations, microwave fields). This offers the promise for a new class of microwave devices, benefiting from their small foot-print, their ability to be controlled electrically, and their integrability with CMOS technology. Identified devices include local oscillators, microwave filters, detectors, and non-reciprocal devices. Understanding the dynamics of these nano-objects, applying general concepts of microwave oscillator techniques and defining from this novel microwave applications is the major aim of this activity.

Research directions


Magnons are the quasi-particles associated to the collective excitations of spins. Mode engineering and transfer of angular momentum by magnonics current are some of our key ongoing research activities.

The team

Former members




  • Nicolas Thiery
  • Alumni : Kyota Watanabe (GP-Spin program)


  • W.E. Bailey – Columbia University (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), A. N. Slavin – Oakland University (2012, 2013), V. Naletov (2016)




  • Service de l’état condensé-CEA (Saclay)
  • Univ. Munster (Germany)
  • University of Münster (Germany)

Recent news

  • Bright and Dark States of Two Distant Macrospins Strongly Coupled by Phonons (November 04th, 2022)Bright and Dark States of Two Distant Macrospins Strongly Coupled by Phonons
    A new form of spintronic is emerging, exploiting electrical insulators. Recent spectroscopic studies performed at SPINTEC have revealed the coherent coupling that may establish between two distant macrospins separated by a non-magnetic dielectric spacer via ...
  • Masters thesis projects for Spring 2023 (September 21st, 2022)Masters thesis projects for Spring 2023
    You find here the list of proposals for Master-2 internships to take place at Spintec during Spring 2023. In most cases, these internships are intended to be suitable for a longer-term PhD work. Interested Master-1 ...
  • Seminar – two seminars given at SPINTEC by York University visitors (September 02nd, 2022)
    SPINTEC welcome visitors from Department of Physics, York University, UK. Two of them will give 2 seminars entitled: Enhanced magnon transport through an amorphous magnetic insulator (Stuart Cavill) Non-destructive imaging on buried interfaces in spintronic devices and ...
  • PEPR SPIN – Priority Programs and Equipment for Exploratory Research (July 29th, 2022)PEPR SPIN - Priority Programs and Equipment for Exploratory Research
    France is investing more than 38M€ in Spintronics thanks to the PEPR-SPIN exploratory program! SPIN is among the 13 new exploratory programs winners of the second wave of calls for projects Priority Programs and ...
  • PhD position — Spin manipulation by chiral phonons (April 08th, 2022)PhD position -- Spin manipulation by chiral phonons
    Description of Group/Project: A joint program between the Université Grenoble-Alpes and the University of Tokyo seeks to appoint a creative and motivated experimental Ph.D. student to participate in an ongoing project on spin manipulation by chiral ...


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