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Major National contractual projects involving SPINTEC

MAESTRO – An ANR project

Magnon-spintronics aspires to become a novel information technology exploiting the spin degree of freedom. The goal of MAESTRO (2018-2021) is to masterize spin-wave (SW) turbulences occurring in low loss magnetic materials, whose benefit is to exploit the operation of magnon-devices at large spin currents. It requires fundamental progress on our insight about magnon-magnon interaction – […]

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SKYLOGIC – An ANR project

The recent discovery of nanometer-size whirling magnetic structures named magnetic skyrmions has opened a new path to manipulate magnetization at the nanoscale. Magnetic skyrmions are characterized by a chiral and topologically non-trivial spin structure, i.e their magnetization texture cannot be continuously transformed into the uniform magnetic state without causing a singularity. Skyrmions can also be […]

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MATEMAC3D – An ANR project

Overview The objective of the project is to combine all key ingredients for modern Spintronics and SpinOrbitronics modeling within a novel and original non-commercial multi-physics software. These key ingredients are the appropriate spin transport equations that are easy-implementable in a numerical solver, the simultaneous resolution of the spin-dependent transport and magnetization dynamics, and finally the […]

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OISO – An ANR project

The ANR project OISO (OxIde-based SpinOrbitronics) explores the potential of transition metal oxide (TMO) perovskites for SpinOrbitronics. SpinOrbitronics exploits the spin-orbit coupling (SOC) to obtain spin currents without ferromagnets (FM), more efficient torques to switch magnetization and reduced heat dissipation for low power scalable devices. TMO constitute a material platform of structurally well-matched compounds including […]

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TOPRISE – An ANR project

The ANR project TOPRISE project aims at studying and exploiting Topological Insulator and Rashba Interface States for Spin Electronics. Most spintronics devices are today based on the manipulation of spin currents that do not carry electrical charges but can be described as equal flows of electrons with opposite spins in opposite directions. The main operations […]

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ELECSPIN – An ANR project

Objectives ELECSPIN project has just been accepted at the 2016 ANR call. This collaborative research project aims to investigate the advanced concept of radically new nanoelectronics devices based on the electric-field control of spin-based phenomena and establish proof of principle demonstrations of multi-terminal energy efficient memory nano devices.  The main  objectives are: To explore, understand and optimize the physical mechanisms of […]

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